Milestones: Year 1


In its first year of operations, the CSHF has already ...

  1. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the CSCA to lay out the grounds of the relationship between these two organizations.

  2. Taken over the responsibility for managing the Clumber DNA Bank.

  3. Given a $500 grant to the University of Missouri to digitalize the Clumber DNA Bank. We are happy to report that the work was completed, and that the bank is now much easier to search through.

  4. Incorporated The Piper Fund under its umbrella, and had its treasury transferred from the CSCA's accounts to its own.

  5. Developed committee job descriptions as well as policies, guidelines and other tools to insure its smooth functioning.

  6. Created its Scientific Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Foundation.

  7. Committed to support a study on IMHA and a study on hemangiosarcoma.

  8. Signed up as one of the initial Canine Phenome Project partners.

  9. Participated in the 2008 International Symposium.

  10. Been invited to become the Clumber Spaniel International Health Committee's newest member.