The Piper Fund

In 2006, after losing their 4 year old Clumber named Piper, Kim and Cyrus Daboo created the Piper Fund. Their goal is to encourage Clumber owners to have necropsies performed when a beloved companion passes away in order to provide the breed with more information about conditions affecting Clumbers.

Kim and Cyrus have committed to give $500 per year for 10 years to this fund so that rebates can be given to owners who have necropsies performed and send in the results to the University of Missouri. Rebates are now $200.

All information is confidential, only the University of Missouri will have access to the necropsy reports and will, on a regular basis, submit a summary of results to the Foundation for its data gathering efforts.

To learn more about what is entailed in a necropsy, please download the necropsy form.

You may also download the report and rebate submission forms.