Hemangiosarcoma is one of the most common forms of cancer seen in dogs. It affects all dogs, mixed breed and pure-bred alike. It is typically seen in middle-aged, large breed dogs, but can occur in older dogs as well.

Hemangiosarcoma is a cancer of the blood vessels. The organs most commonly affected in the body are the spleen, heart and liver. These are organs with a very rich blood supply. Metastasis (spread) can occur anywhere in the body, and Hemangiosarcoma often spreads wider and more rapidly than other forms of cancer since the abnormal cell type in this disease is the vascular system (blood vessels).

Click here to read an in depth article by Rhonda Hovan about cancer in Golden Retrievers; its content applies to Clumbers as well as other breeds and touches on Hemangiosarcoma.

The CSHF is offering its support to the Van Andel Institute for its study on this devastating cancer. Van Andel has recently submitted a grant proposal to the AKCís Canine Health Foundation and we are delighted to be able to provide them with genetic materials from affected and non-affected Clumbers. As the type of grant received by Van Andel is for projects of a maximum duration of 12 months, the CSHF looks forward to report on the advances that Van Andel will hopefully have made.

If your Clumber is ever diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, please consider collecting some of its tissue, be it blood at the time of diagnosis, or a portion of the tumor at surgical diagnosis or post mortem, as the Van Andel grows its own cancer cells from tissue for this study. It is important not to put the tissue in formalin.

If you are willing to support this research despite the sadness from your loss, please contact Roe Froman at . She will be able to put you in contact with Van Andel who will send special shipping materials and instructions for gathering the sample.

You can also contact the Van Andel Institute directly by phone at (616) 234-5569 (EST), by fax at (616) 234-5695 or by email at .