Planned Gifts

The term "Planned Gift" simply refers to arranging a donation now so that the Foundation will realize the benefits in the future.

You can provide for the future of the Foundation through a variety of estate planning options, such as bequests, chartitable remainder trusts and even life insurance policies. These tools can help you build a legacy today without affecting your cashflow.

Many individuals find these arrangements very attractive because they can help satisfy tax and financial goals as well as philanthropic goals, and allow them to make a larger gift than otherwise possible.

Please consult your attorney and /or financial advisers regarding the best approach to fit your individual needs. Because the Foundation is in its infancy there are gifts that it may not be able to accept, so once you have discussed your plans with your advisors, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your gift with you.

For more information on arranging a planned or deferred gift to the Foundation, please contact our Treasurer at