2012 Honor Roll

Our donors, who make the foundation work possible

Platinum ($2,000 or more):   Wayne and Kellie Holbrook, Grace Wozniak

Gold ($1,000 - $ 1,999):   William and Catherine Cleary, Cyrus and Kim Daboo, Janice and Walt Friis, Roe and Gordie Froman, Peggy Holman and Milford Cole, Karen Trego

Silver ($500 - $999):   Jack and Chris Michaels, Ed Sheppard and Charlie Zaragoza

Bronze ($250 - $499):   Nancy Merk, Chip and Shelley Miller, Marla Shelmadine

Partners ($100 - $249):   William and Virginia Allen, William and Linda Browder, Gail Budde, Gail Drucker, Lars and Emily Engel, Elizabeth Farrante, Alan and Andrea Pendleton, Jane Scott, Liz Squashic, Sylvia Stricker, Jan and Lorin Sutherland, Karen Yager

Friends ($1 - $99):   Daniel and Susan Cohen, Dave Copanic, Jennifer Darcy, Linda Fellows, Pat and Linda Fraser, Ben and Helen Gordon, Lyle and Susan Hall, Ben and Karen Hoyle, Christie Janusiewicz, Colleen Kimble, Stephen and Martha Lawrence, Brian and Carolyn Marvelley, John and Elizabeth Moran, Carolyn Morrison and Diane McGrew, Susan Natress, Jim and Geri Repass, Cynthia Stephenson, Syndi Sweeney, Jennifer Toebben, Janelle Waldon, Roger and Laurie Watt, John and Naiza Woodlief