2011 Honor Roll

Our donors, who make the foundation work possible

In spite of the continued troubling economy in 2011, the Foundation is extremely pleased with your contributions. Thank you for helping the Foundation grow during its early years, and for your continued support. We appreciate every dollar, and we value every donor. The Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation extends its deep appreciation to the following donors.

Platinum ($2,000 or more):   Wayne and Kellie Holbrook, Grace Wozniak

Gold ($1,000 - $ 1,999):   William and Catherine Cleary, Cyrus and Kim Daboo, Anonymous, Jan and Walt Friis, Roe and Gordie Froman, Tracey Garvey, Peggy Holman and Milford Cole

Silver ($500 - $999):   Chiquita Denney, Alan Pendleton

Bronze ($250 - $499):   Dr. Clair and Shelley Miller, Marla Shelmadine, Raymond and Joanne Smith

Partners ($100 - $249):   William and Virginia Allen, Cindy Brizes, Jim Bader DVM and Merri Van Dyke, William Browder, Sally Day, Lars and Emily Engel, Judy Gotwalt, Diana Jensen, Cathy Kaufman, Nancy Merk, Sylvia Stricker, David Strong

Friends ($1 - $99):   Marsha Biscar, Daniel Cohen, Patty Colman, Jessica Domitrovic, Erinrac Enterprises, Linda Fellows, Lynn and Randy Felts, Dorothy Gold- stein, Susan Hall, Kara Hamilton, Ben and Karen Hoyle, Patty Kersey, Colleen Kimble, John and Joanna Lee, Steve and Susan Littin, Cindy Mace, Kathy Marshburn, Patricia McIllnay, Larry Mitchum, Carol Marvelly, Helen Marshall, Sharlin McDermott and Tonja Pettit, Carolyn Molder, Elizabeth Moran, Jan Sutherland, Karen Yager, Patricia Ray, Darrell and Carol Reeves, E. Sheppard and C. Zaragoza, Norma Simpson, Jennifer Toebben, Janelle Waldon, Roger and Laurie Watt, William Williams, Jim and Cathy Wiseman, John and Naiza Woodlief