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Susan King, Director


After having three Saint Bernards, my daughter wanted to participate in Junior Showmanship. We decided it would be best to get a dog that would be more manageable for a 10 year old child. We began our search by reading about various breeds and fell in love with a photo of an English Clumber. After seeing a Clumber Spaniel, we were sure this breed would be perfect. In 1980 we purchased our first Clumber, and I joined the Clumber Spaniel Club of America. As a member I wanted to contribute to the CSCA. I have served on the CSCA board, trophy chairman multiple times for the National Specialty, a member of the Clumber Spaniel Illustrated Standard committee, coordinated the revision of the CSCA Information Booklet, and for several years I have served as the Breeder Referral Representative.

Having owned and bred several Clumbers, I understand the breed and have a strong interest in improving quality and health. As the Breeder Referral Representative I want to provide accurate and helpful information to the people contacting me. My goals are to provide them with information to be able to: 1. make a wise decision if a Clumber is the right breed for them; 2. help them become knowledgeable about health concerns in our breed; and 3. encourage them to obtain the health documentation on the sire and dam of the puppy they are considering to purchase. I believe through research we can help our breed to avoid health issues or illnesses and have the knowledge to treat health concerns effectively giving Clumbers quality of life.

I am honored to be asked to be a member of the Clumber Spaniel Heath Foundation.