To gain, and mainain, your trust, the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation has developed policies and management tools that will help it earn an outstanding reputation. We wish to follow the Fundraising Industries bench mark trends when it comes to transparency, use of funds, conflict of interest, etc.

To date, we have developed a Conflict of Interest Policy. We have also adopted a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to protect our donors' privacy. Board members must sign both, volunteers must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We have also created tools that will help us manage the Board and the Foundation. We want a cross section of experience, demographics, professional expertise, and experience in dogs. We want to make sure that we offer new Board members tasks that interest them and that allow them to contribute. We also want to keep track of how we are performing, as individual board members and as a board.

Finally, we make sure that we keep abreast of all the newest developments in the fundraising industry in order to keep improving ourselves.