Our Partners

The Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation is a full-fledged member of the Clumber Spaniel International Committee on which it holds two seats.

We also consider the organizations whose work we support our partners. Currently we support two projects one in the UK, one in the US.

In the UK, we support an IMHA project whose lead investigator is Dr. Lorna J. Kennedy, MA, PhD, from The Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research at the University of Manchester. Co-investigator on this study is Professor Michael J. Day, BSc BVMS(Hons) PhD DSc DiplECVP FASM FRCPath FRCVS, from the Division of Veterinary Pathology, Infection and Immunity at the School of Clinical Veterinary Science of the University of Bristol.

In the US, we support a project of the Van Andel Institute. The VAI is an independent, world-class medical research facility that has gained worldwide recognition for research into the genetic and molecular origins of cancer and other diseases. VAI has received an ACORN grant (#1175) from the Canine Health Foundation (CHF), and the CSHF is pleased to have been able to provide it with DNA from six affected Clumber Spaniels. For more details about this study please click here.

For more details about Hemangiosarcoma please click here. To learn how to donate blood for the DNA bank so that one day your Clumbers' DNA may also be used in such a study click here.

We are pleased to be associated with institutions of such remarquable caliber and to be able to support their efforts for the better health of our beloved canine companions.